Hosted CRM systems - Customisable CRM for your sector

Hosted customisable CRM systems are Flexible for Companies who have outgrown "off the shelf" CRM systems.

We offer industrial strength hosted CRM solutions across a broad spectrum since 1996. Our Hosted CRM systems have a security model second to none. The flexible architecture allows fast deployment of bespoke solutions with absolute control over work flow and departmental procedures.

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Our flexible CRM solutions quickly adapt to your working practices. We remove the clutter often found in hosted CRM systems so you can focus on your data.

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Bespoke CRM since 1996

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  • Deploying CRM systems for 30 years
  • Hosted bespoke CRM systems
  • CRM systems for sales
  • Service sector CRM systems
  • CRM systems for Colleges
  • Legal CRM systems
  • Marketing CRM systems
  • CRM systems for Doctors
  • Telesales CRM systems
  • CRM systems for Construction
  • Facilities Management CRM systems
  • Automated CRM systems

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Summary for Hosted CRM benefits

Low cost ease of use and rapid deployment with absolute flexibility makes WiredContact the choice of professionals.

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