Bespoke CRM Software 5 benefits our CRM gives you

Bespoke and hosted CRM - You can have both at a good price

Bespoke CRM Software is essentially when your CRM system is adapted to support your business model. Gone are the days of one size fits all with CRM systems.

Off the shelf CRM systems have to keep you under control otherwise the vendor cannot support large numbers of users. WiredContacts' bespoke design is all about our Clients. We answer to you not shareholders.

This one minute video will explain why so many Companies of all sizes choose WiredContact as their Bespoke CRM Software.

Bespoke CRM solutions have been what we do for almost 30 years. Because something works in the sales team if does not mean the Admin team cannot have something different. Don't be afraid to explore new work-flows - WiredContact is extremely flexible so you remain in control at all times.

1. Compliance and adoption

Fast adoption is essential. Early engagement with your team on and know they system can support them will yield good results. Remote access is important to some and should be considered.

2. Business Continuity protects profits.

Robust systems ensure continuity when key staff go on vacation, become ill or retire. We've all had valuable members of staff leave, it often takes time to replace them. Bespoke CRM systems ensure best practice to guarantee the highest levels of continuity. Fast food chains have clearly defined procedures readily understood, this enables rapid expansion. Your bespoke CRM should be as responsive.

3. Automation improves productivity.

Automatic replies to enquiries saves time and money. Overdue actions can see at a glance to highlight who should be moving to the next stage. Higher productivity results when tasks are consistently performed to a high standard. Changing the attitude toward date will often lead to a healthy attitude toward data generally.

Avoid unhappy Clients, staff and suppliers by paying attention to the basics. Send polite emails and text messages sent at key stages will keep everyone informed. Send a friendly SMS message from your bespoke CRM system could reduce the time wasted on missed appointments. Owning a Bespoke CRM Software in these situations is essential.

4. Location independence encourages staff.

Your team need access to data from anywhere. A bespoke CRM solution hosted by us will ensure they have exactly what they need for the task at hand.

Mission critical workflow is simple to deploy in teams and departments. Working efficiently from remote locations is where we empower staff to work as effectively as when in the office.

5. Expansion and Flexibility reduces costs

WiredContact has an open architecture to integrate with your other business solutions. Choosing a bespoke CRM system before you settle for a compromise will save money in the medium term.

Quick adaptation and high adoption rates will ensure your bespoke CRM increases productivity and profit. WIth many years experience we know the pitfalls and will guide you to a successful deployment. We remove clutter often found in hosted CRM systems leaving your team able to work from anywhere on most devices.

In Conclusion. You will improve procedures and enhance service delivery with a Bespoke CRM solution. Contact us to arrange a demo

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Business Analytics

    As you steer your Bespoke CRM deployment you need to make informed alterations.

  • Why did it happen?
  • Will it happen again?
  • What if we change x?
  • What did we learn
  • A Bespoke CRM system learns and grows with you
Bespoke CRM costs less

    You only pay for what you want

  • Only upgrade when you need to
  • Easily avoid complexities
  • Developing in house reduces cost
  • Integrate systems to avoid duplication

Summary for Bespoke CRM benefits

Low costs - flexible CRM with benefits you dictate as your system develops safe in the knowledge
your journey is supported by UK based CRM professionals with over 30 years experience.

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